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Explore attractions anywhere in Ireland with AI-powered recommendations

Aruku matches you with attractions aligned to your interests and arranges them into a ready-to-use itinerary.

Explore Ireland your way with an attraction itinerary, custom-made by AI

Aruku replaces hours of pre-travel planning with a ready-to-use itinerary, packed with places that match your interests and optimised by time and distance.


Let Aruku take the stress out of planning your trip by hand selecting the perfect attractions for you and organising them into a bespoke itinerary.

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The perfect attractions at your fingertips

Whether you're looking for iconic landmarks or hidden gems, Aruku will use a personal matching score system to introduce you to the places that interest you most.

Recommended attractions based on your preferences
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Personalised travel plans

With a personalised travel itinerary based on your preferences and accommodation, Aruku will save you time in planning and researching, so you can focus on making the most of your getaway.

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Smart trip edits

Aruku updates your itinerary around any impromptu adventures, so you can enjoy the freedom to change plans on the go. Each day plan is optimised for time and distance so your trip runs as smoothly as possible.

Smart trip edits
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Discover hidden gems

Whether you're adventuring far from home or just minutes from your front door, Aruku's catalogue of off-the-beaten-track attractions allows you to truly dive deep into your destination.

Recommended attractions and locations to visit


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About us

We harness AI to save the most precious resource we have - Time. We believe everyone can have a pocket assistant that is geared towards saving time and, at the same time, providing unprecedented results.

Travel requires planning, and the better experience you want, the more you have to put into the preparation. We want to challenge that. A good tool can elevate your travel experience and save you time.